Thursday, August 12, 2010


A potcake is the food that gets burnt and caked up on the bottom of the pot. Here at Arawalk Cay 'the fish fry' at the end of the day the potcakes are dumped into the street and the stray dogs come and eat. This happens on several Caribbean islands. So all stray dogs around here are called potcakes. A friend of ours rescued at pregnant potcake named Mercy. She had 8 puppies! Alex has grown to love these puppies. For the past month he has woke up, made his bed, got dressed, brushed his teeth, counted his money, then came and woke me up and asked if I could take him to get a puppy? For over a month I have stood strong and refused. I told him that he would have to walk it, feed it, pick up poo, he could take off at the drop of a hat to go to the beach because the puppy would be sad. I have tried every trick in the book to get him to forget about the dang puppy. Alex's response to all these things have been; I have money I can buy food, I promise I will pick up the poo like grandpa does with a shovel, I will stay with the puppy while you go to the beach, mom I promise. I still stood strong through all the begging. One day we went to the grocery store. Just like any other every day I came home and put everything away. Next thing I know Alex is sobbing in the playroom I mean tears and all. I said baby whats wrong? 'You didn't buy dentasticks for my puppy' then many more tears. Rob and I sat all the kids down and said we would go to the Behumane and LOOK at the puppies but we would come home and talk about it. We WOULD NOT get a puppy that day. We got to behumane and it wasn't adopting hours, so we couldn't look at the dogs. Thank goodness! Well not that I was surprised, but the next morning I was awakened by a little boy who was dressed and ready his trip to Behumane. Everything I have ever said about not wanting a dog, not getting a dog, not doing this again went out the window.
Meet our Potcake Sophie.

She loves to teeth on coconuts.
Now of course Alex does not pick up poo.

Most days she comes to the beach with us.

Most days I wonder what the heck was I thinking, especially when I am the only one picking up poo. Then I see this.