Friday, June 11, 2010

Our Pack n Play

Almost 7 years ago Aunt Nikki bought her niece niece a Kolcraft 3-in-1 Travelin Tot Pack and Play. On that day who would have thought that I would have 2 more A's to put in there. Alena Slept in it in CT, NY, RI, WI, SC, AL, and FL. Alex then used it in AL, FL, maybe SC (I can't remember), and VA. Ainsley has slept in it in VA, NC, and is currently sleeping in it in Nassau Bahamas. This pack n play has been in the trunk of so many cars, been checked as luggage at several airports, has been set up in I house a grew up in, one Rob grew up in, set up in a house full of sadness when Grandaddy Goff passed away, set up in empty houses when we have moved all our belongings out, set up in houses where we are just starting a new assignment, set up in hotels while on vacation, and set up in family and friends houses we are visiting. This pack n play holds so much of our lives and has held all of my sleeping children.
*what would I do without it*

Our journey from Portsmouth VA to Nassau Bahamas

Our day started at 430am on June 10th. Alena was up and ready to go when our alarm went off. When I woke up Alex he tried to go back to sleep, I said Alex its time to get on an airplane. Boy he shot up and said OKAY I'm not going to jump out of the plane I was just joking. That was his thing for a long time. LOL. At the airport, going through a checkpoint to get to our gate, the sippy cup Ainsley was drinking out of was taken from her and the milk was tested. Tested for what? I don't know she was DRINKING IT! The flight to Miami was 2 hours and the kids were great. Alena and Alex were fascinated by the take off. As soon as they got a little antsy, I took out a small gift my mom wrapped in tissue paper and gave it to them. Not long into the flight Alex fell asleep on me. We had a very short layover in Miami and were on a very small prop jet to Nassau. The plane only held 50 people and we were like sardines on there.
The landing was incredible. I just knew we were going to land in the water, that's all you could see. Bright blue water and a few small shanty's on the edge of the island. Immigration and Customs took all of five minutes to get though and then our baggage was practically waiting on us as quick as the men were getting it off the belt. We were quickly swept away by a gentlemen from the Embassy and taken on a quick tour of the island on our way to the Hilton. We got to see the neighborhood we will be living in, which is beautiful. The drive reminded me of my childhood in England. Cute little cars, small roads, and quick drivers. The road signs here apparently serve as reading material or just a recommendation. If you are letting someone in from the roundabout or side street you just beep once and then they beep twice, sort of as a thank you. I was told if you lay on your horn the locals will get out their car to see what your malfunction is. The Hilton is amazing and the staff is so pleasant. Our room wasn't quite ready so we were told to go have lunch by the pool, no problem. :) When we came back we were treated to cold lemon scented washcloths. The kids could not wait to get in the crystal blue water. SO we spent over an hour playing at the Hilton's private beach. I forgot how quickly sand, sun, and saltwater can tire them out. Alex and Ainsley fell asleep on our walk to dinner. Alex was on Robs shoulders, so that was a fun walk back. Every two seconds someone asked if we needed a ride, taxi, or bus? Alena asked why they keep saying that? She said I guess I am going to have to get used to it, because they don't stop. We ended up ordering room service which Alena thought was great. We let her have waffles, bacon, and spilt a coke with me!
It was a very long day, but well worth the end result.