Friday, June 11, 2010

Our Pack n Play

Almost 7 years ago Aunt Nikki bought her niece niece a Kolcraft 3-in-1 Travelin Tot Pack and Play. On that day who would have thought that I would have 2 more A's to put in there. Alena Slept in it in CT, NY, RI, WI, SC, AL, and FL. Alex then used it in AL, FL, maybe SC (I can't remember), and VA. Ainsley has slept in it in VA, NC, and is currently sleeping in it in Nassau Bahamas. This pack n play has been in the trunk of so many cars, been checked as luggage at several airports, has been set up in I house a grew up in, one Rob grew up in, set up in a house full of sadness when Grandaddy Goff passed away, set up in empty houses when we have moved all our belongings out, set up in houses where we are just starting a new assignment, set up in hotels while on vacation, and set up in family and friends houses we are visiting. This pack n play holds so much of our lives and has held all of my sleeping children.
*what would I do without it*


  1. well darn it, now you'll have to hang on to that thing for the grandbabies!

  2. I know! I need one of the trip advisor cities i've pinned just for the pack n play!