Thursday, September 16, 2010

The Way It Should Be

Island life can be amazing as long as you don't let certain things get to you. One of my biggest hang ups is grocery shopping. There is a huge difference between what 'they' think is acceptable food and what I think is acceptable. I like expiration dates! I am slowly figuring out how to do my food shopping but it usually consists of me going to 3-4 different stores.
Just as I was venting to my glass of vine there was a bunch of knocks at the door. I opened it up all the kids on our street! I am sure I was venting about my kiddos too. So out they all went to play. I could see them through the windows playing made up games in the street. All you could hear was feet stomping, training wheels, and laughter. It was the quickest cure to the early evening blues I was experiencing. The kids have been out there playing everyday for a week now. They go from house to house, working their way down the street. Before you know it there is almost 10 kids playing with each other. Some how even though the age range is from 1 to 13 every child is included. All of the dogs on he street even come out to play!
Some of my best childhood memories are from playing man hunt in England, riding bikes up the red clay hill with Felicia after mom said not to in SC, running wild with cousins and good friends all over. So for my kids to be part of the same world is a great feeling. My heart aches for the kids sitting in front of the TV.
Seeing my kids happy, healthy, and able to be kids make Island Life worth it a thousand times over! This is the way things should be!

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  1. Made even more charming by your idyllic surroundings.