Sunday, May 30, 2010

Moving Day 1

I am blogging today from a scarcely furnished home. Every word spoken echos off the bare walls and hardwood floors. I forgot how nice and roomy this house appeared the first day we saw it, then we moved in all our belongings. Oh yes, and added a child. Friday went fairly smooth. The girls who came to pack moved like lightning. They packed everything in sight little bars of soap with the suds still on them, half rolls of toliet paper, opened boxes of cereal, and Robs uniforms he hung on the back of the door for when we get to the Bahamas OOPS! Then the girls left and 2 men came to load the truck and boy were they slooooow and lazy! I watched them try to get the kids play house out the door 3 times before they took one piece off it, then tried again, then took another piece off, then tried again, then took another piece off, then tried again, then FINALLY took the whole thing apart! I was relieved when they nailed up our crates and pulled away from the curb. Our household goods are in a warehouse somewhere awaiting a cargo crate and then will be boat bound for the Bahamas.
Alena is doing very well during this grand adventure of ours. Alex, my poor Alex, he has given himself acid reflux. It has been pretty easy preparing for this move. Rob and I have not been very stressed out or worried. By nature we are fairly easy going people. So that being said I am not sure how this affects little Alex. He was always very upset when Rob would get underway, but Alex's reflux just started within the past month. We just found out what is was Thursday. He is on medicine and already doing better. Ainsley is just loving running around the empty house. Check back with me in a few day and see how we are doing without toys and a tv. Thats right folks no tv! LOL

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  1. Sarah this brings back memories of our move to Texas so many years ago with Peter being just a year younger than Alena. We traveled cross country and had no idea how the chidren would adjust b/c they had so many dear friends in Palo Alto. But the beauty of being kids is that they are resilient and they quickly made new friends and settled in happily. Mom took a little longer but then I was not living in the Bahamas. I look forward to following your journey and seeing pictures posted of your beautiful beach babies.